Skyloft Project

Earlier this fall, I had put out flyers to a few people offering a free poster print, and discounted canvas prints of their view. One of the respondents was the owner of a beautiful loft in the Skyloft building. I made a quick set of shots there one afternoon, and had great plans to return during better lighting. I was shortly distracted by business travel and work on the Sunset View Dr. project. This weekend I finally got around to stitching 4 proof's, 360, 240, 336 and 364 images respectively from that afternoon. I spent most of the weekend finishing up the web site, but found out yesterday that one of the girls that waits on me at the bakery lives there. I had gone up and shot for her father without her knowledge, and she was telling me about this beautiful view she has and how she wants to take a picture of it..... "oh, yea, tell your dad I didn't forget about him" I say sheepishly. Anyway, looks like a new picture is coming, and while I didn't catch the lighting exactly the way I wanted I think something is going to come of this.