Skyloft Phase2a

This shoot has me in an unusual predicament, I have 3 potentially good pictures. Round 2 of stitching started with a 65 CPU Hour run of set1 and set3. After initial HDR work on the set3 pano, I found a stitching error so stitch #3 was set3 only, and ran 23 CPU Hours, and another stitching flaw was spotted, so stitch #4 and another 23 CPU Hours and some minor exposure/contrast tuning and I have print candidate #1. The printed crop will remove all of the buildings in the foreground-right, and leave only enough of the building in the fore-left to allow me to include the mountains above them. This crop is slightly over 1Gp. If you have some time, look around and let me know what you find, if you see a stitching flaw, or if you find a crop that you think is particularly striking.