Spring 2014 - Four Corners, Mesa Verde Overlook

Today I'm releasing the first of several gigapixel panoramic's that I shot in May of this year on a trip to the four corners area. This picture was shot from an overlook in Mesa Verde National Park with a great view of the Cliff Palace dwellings.

This is also the premier of a "Guided Tour" feature in my panoramics that will show you several specific views of the picture. This tour will show you five different archeological sites. Pause the tour and you can pan/zoom to explore on your own. There are at least two small sites that are not on the tour, happy hunting and enjoy!

The guided tour functionality is currently in beta, and this is the first test. After a few more enhancements I will publish a blog about how I achieved this effect, and may place the code used to do so into the public domain (in the hopes that Kolor will incorporate it into a future release).