Project Journal: Dali Museum Stitch (cont.)

After initial reviews I have discarded all but two brackets of this piece, so I'm now stitching only 126 images. Removing those layers did mean I had to re-work a lot of control point links. I've also had to spend a lot of time trying to hide HDR ghosts. All in all about 4 hours of work, and just over 100 CPU hours of stitching (three more stitches). I've found several flaws that may not be fixable, and I'm still trying to hide ghosts. I've learned a good bit about trying to shoot in high traffic areas, and discovered the hard way that parallax is much more important indoors. While some crop's may be cool, and I'll likely still upload something, I'm not going to promote this one too much. I think I need some more practice on indoor work before I offer commercial real estate services, maybe the Basilica ?