Blue Farm House #1 Stitching Journal

I shot over 5,000 frames at this location on Friday night, and I stitched 17 panoramics at full resolution for review. After review I selected the images from the first full panoramic of the evening, and processed them though an anti-haze filter and re-stitched them for print. This was the only set with the rainbow in it. If you review the 5 bracketed exposures below you will see some of the real challenges with lighting changes that can occur when shooting a very high resolution panoramic. You can see when the clouds moved and the rainbow disappeared and the severe lighting changes that followed. The final pano was stitched only four or five times before the layers were produced, and I spent another week getting exposure transitions worked out. After a review of the images below you may be able to spot some imperfections that persisted through the project. In the end it was one of those things where I just had to accept the imperfections as part of the beauty of the shot.