An Introduction


The IBM Data Merge Utility is an open source general purpose Java utility, exposed as a rest web service, that uses Templates with your data source to create one or more merge output files. The merge process is driven by a set of directives associated with a template. The two types of directives are Replace and Insert and they drive the replacement of key values in a template, and the insertion of sub-templates. You can download source from GitHub here:

NOTE: Version 3.0 is now in development and should be published by the end of July 2015. There are many new features, including support for JSON based Template Import/Export and a "Database Free" configuration as well as a new Template Editor. Docker deployment will be included in the 3.0 release, and BlueMix deployment should follow at v3.1. Please see the "releases" page on the GitHub page for download and install instructions. 

You can also view this video to see an overview of the core functions:

For a history of how the tool was developed and released see 
This post

for documentation on how to use the tool, after installing go to http/yourserver:9090/Documentation.html